As you think about your 2018 growth opportunities and things you may want to change in our practices, do not forget about the “bread and butter" dentistry services such as extractions. These can be a great practice builder for your office and lead to other procedures such as grafting.  Let's face it, if you can't extract a tooth, grafting does not matter in your practice and someone else is treating your patient.  For various reasons, I know many of my colleagues have given up on extractions, or are not 100% comfortable with extractions or are referring more than they prefer.  Extractions can be hard and I found a solution years ago that I love to share with my GP colleagues.

I am a strong believer that all GP's should be offering extractions and offer some sort of grafting option to their patients with the right training and products.

With grafting, do you think your patients cannot afford it? Do you not have the proper training? Maybe the results have not been as predictable as you would like in the past for the effort, cost or time it takes?  I get it, grafting can be complicated, as there is a lot of product on the market and every rep is trying to sell us something new.

On my webinar this Tuesday evening at 8pm ET, I am going to discuss some different grafting options, including one that I am confident any dentist can immediately implement at a < $50 cost patients will accept. And even better, it does not require the use of a membrane!  It is a great solution to get involved in grafting if you are not grafting now - or a solution to just make your grafting more economical for those of you that are grafting now.  I will also talk about allografts and membranes that I really like to achieve predictable results with in preparation for dental implants.

Join me and Dr. Lorne Lavine this Tuesday for my free webinar. It will be fun, informative and I believe you will be introduced to something new for your consideration. You even get a free CE credit if you join live.

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Dr. Ara Nazarian