With the threat of random audits increasing, it’s critical that your dental practice be an expert on HIPAA compliance. But HIPAA is time-consuming and requires extensive documentation and policies & procedures. To make matters worse, HIPAA overlaps with your computer network, which adds greater complexity. For all of these reasons, it’s tough to know where to begin.

When you sign up with The Digital Dentist's HIPAACheck services today, you can expect a team that will:

  • Perform Formal Risk Analysis
  • Develop a HIPAA management plan
  • Provide a treatment plan, detailing action items and recommended rollout schedule
  • Complete quarterly updates
  • Quarterly reviews with our president
  • Create a policies and procedures manual
  • Provide $100,000 in Data Breach Insurance
  • Meet all HIPAA-specific documentation standards

The Digital Dentist’s HIPAACheck services are essential for any dentist. Call The Digital Dentist today for more information.