As many of you heard, the entire world is reeling from a massive ransomware cyberattack, more than 150 countries and 200,000 computers have been affected, and the list is growing by the minute:

This is especially worrisome for dental practices! In 2016, the Office of Civil Rights made a determination that if you are hit with a ransomware virus, you have suffered a Breach, and MUST follow the Breach Notification protocol:

1.      You must notify all your patients in writing about the Breach.
2.      You must notify the local news media.
3.      You must have your practice listed on the Health and Human Services “Wall of Shame”

This would be DEVASTATING for any practice!

There are really two questions you need to ask yourselves right now:

·         Do you have protection in place against the latest ransomware viruses?
·         Do you have a way to recover from a ransomware virus without paying the criminals?

Action required: We will assess your current practice risk exposure, report the results to you and suggest a "treatment plan." Request your complimentary Security Audit by Dr. Lavine by email or call Kandace Jeppson at (866) 204-3398, extension 200.

Why do you need a security checkup for your practice? Your practice is increasingly dependent on technology and exposed to severe and ever-changing practice risks, including security, HIPPA compliance and data loss.

One of the biggest concerns for dental practices is how to protect your data and ensure rapid recovery in the event of a disaster, while also meeting all HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

What is a Security Audit? We are offering a complimentary Security Audit to our clients and a limited number of prospective clients (a value well over $2,500).The Digital Dentist will review your current system and identify what security measures you must have in place to protect your data and be in compliance.

·         Remote consultation
·         Security audit
·         Evaluation of your existing systems
·         Status of your practice antivirus and anti-malware software
·         Determine your storage space for data back up
·         Identify your technology needs
·         Develop a “treatment plan” for your practice

Required: To receive this Security Audit, you must schedule a time for us to review this tailored "treatment plan" with you over the phone. This rarely takes more than 15-20 minutes.

To take advantage of this great offer and schedule your consultation please contact Kandace Jeppson at (866) 204-3398, extension 200. To schedule your audit right away, email Kandace with available times at  to make arrangements.

Please feel free to look and learn more at our website: