Going Paperless in a HIPAA World

lorne-lavine-133x200Many dental practices are moving towards a paperless environment, motivated by the promise of increased efficiency and decreased costs. The problem for many practices is that getting from here to there can be quite challenging. There are multiple hardware and software systems that need to work together, and getting objective advice from sales reps can be an exercise in frustration. New HIPAA and HITECH regulations complicate the process.

This is a case of “What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Dr. Lorne Lavine – former periodontist, certified HIPAA Security Professional and leading authority on technology in the dental practice – delivers timely and practical lectures that will empower and guide participants through the potentially confusing technological maze of running a dental office in the 21st century.

Cybersecurity for the Dental Office

It’s impossible to get through the day without hearing about a major online hack of people’s personal data. Medical and dental records are highly prized by cybercriminals, your practice is at risk! Dr. Lavine will help attendees to not only understand the various forms that these cyberattacks can take, but will help each office develop a “treatment plan” of the steps to take RIGHT NOW to protect your office.

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Six Steps to a Paperless Practice: How to Avoid a $50K Mistake

six-steps-to-a-paperless-dental-practice-200x120Going paperless doesn’t have to be costly or confusing. Dr. Lavine provides attendees with the tools and techniques needed to transition their practices efficiently and effectively. Attendees will learn a 6-Step “Treatment Plan” for deciding which technology to add and when, as well as how to integrate and sequence the technologies into the practice, involve the team and avoid costly mistakes.

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HIPAA: the Good, the Bad …and Compliance

hipaa-security-compliance-for-dentists-200x118Ignorance of HIPAA rules can mean massive penalties and loss of patients. Recent changes to HIPAA rules have clarified the potential fines and penalties for non-compliance up to as much as $1.5M. Many practices that have had to report breaches have lost upwards of 25% of their patients immediately. Dr. Lavine walks attendees through a step-by-step game plan which details the policies and procedures that practices must implement to move toward full compliance.

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Guiding You Through the Maze of Dental Technology

dr-lorne-lavine-head-shot-133x200Dentists need someone who not only understands technology but also the unique needs of dental practices.

Dr. Lorne Lavine, a former periodontist, is known as the leading authority on technology in the dental practice. Founder of The Digital Dentist, he has extensive hands-on experience with most practice management software, image management software, digital cameras, intraoral cameras, computers, networks, and digital radiography systems. Dr. Lavine has over 30 years invested in the dental and dental technology fields.

Dr. Lavine’s timely and practical lectures empower and guide participants through the potentially confusing technological maze of running a dental office in the 21st century.

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