Now You Can Send Patient Information Electronically with Secure-Mail!

Sending patient information with Google®, DropBox®, Outlook®, or any other email provider is not safe! Mail patient information safely with The Digital Dentist.

Email and other data transfer services are not compliant methods for sharing patient information. Why? Because email and other services do not provide encryption, leave no record of who saw the data, nor address the data’s final disposition.

Email is one of the most common sources of a data breach, more so than a lost or stolen thumb drive or laptop! So what’s the easiest, safest way to share PHI?

Secure-Mail is Compliant Mail!
With Secure-Mail from The Digital Dentist, you can easily and securely send patient information to labs, specialists, patients, and other colleagues. Secure-Mail works just like email with one key distinction: All communication meets all compliance standards. All you have to do is open, compose, attach, and send!

You’ll also enjoy unlimited storage, automatic notifications, and annotation features with Secure-Mail. You’ll appreciate the convenience of email without the security concerns. Installation is quick and using Secure-Mail is easy. Once you start using it you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

No-Cost Technology Audit
We’ll remotely review your current IT systems and identify measures you should take to protect your data. Our audits include a comprehensive “treatment plan” to better security. Call 866-204-3398 x200 for details!