Are your unhappy patients too vocal online?

It’s a common trend that unhappy patients are more likely to express their grievances online, yet your happy patients tend to keep to themselves. What causes this unfortunate phenomenon? How can your dental practice overcome the complications of maintaining a positive online reputation?

Don’t forget the most important question: is it worth your time to care?

In this webinar, you will learn the following: 

  • Why online reputation management should be a major component of your dental practice’s marketing plan.
  • How you can gather honest, positive reviews from your happy patients and reduce the influx of negative reviews being posted publicly.
  • The major ways that dentists can leverage a positive online reputation to get more new patients selecting them and their practice. 

Join us and discover why your marketing strategy can’t maximize your results without a positive online reputation. With reviews now as important as personal recommendations, you may be surprised how important online reviews truly are!

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