Patients often come into our general dentist offices and if they find our assessment appropriate want the treatment provided. They know you and are comfortable in your office. If we are capable of providing a comprehensive service, it is both professionally stimulating and financially rewarding. Referrals obviously have their place, but it is imperative that the GP be able to provide more of the services requested in-house including atraumatic extractions & grafting. With the proper education GP’s should offer comprehensive dentistry your patients want. If you are interested in offering dental implants, you must first be comfortable with extractions and grafting.

On this free webinar, I will discuss a simple and predictable grafting option you can immediately implement into your office, as well as an atraumatic extraction technique that truly changed my implant practice for the better. What historically were difficult extractions are now routine and predictable - as well as atraumatic to my patients and my hands.

If you are already grafting and extracting teeth that is great, we will also review grafting in general and how you can achieve more predictable results including flap design, membrane placement, suture techniques and more!

On this Free Clinical Webinar Learn:

• the fastest, easiest and most efficient bone augmentation material on the market that can be implemented immediately by any practitioner regardless of current grafting experience;

• grafting techniques that have a low cost per use that will lead to greater patient acceptance of grafting fees;

• why grafting is important and the various options available today to achieve predictable results in preparation for dental implants, including-

• an overview of allografts and various types to achieve better results; and

• a simple plug type graft that can be used in certain cases;

• the different types of membranes, why long-lasting membranes are critical to use and clinical tips.


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