Proven Atraumatic Extraction & Grafting Techniques to Achieve Your 2018 Practice Growth

Please join Dr. Ara Nazarian and Dr. Lorne Lavine for this highly informative webinar on Tuesday, January 30 and 8 PM EST/5 PM PST.

On this free webinar learn Affordable & Simple Graft Options All Dentists Can Incorporate Now for less than $50; Atraumatic Extraction Techniques that Deliver Predictable Results; Proven Grafting Techniques in Preparation for Dental Implants & Immediate Dentures; and Effective & Proven Patient Communication for Grafting that Works.

You cannot afford not to get involved in offering atraumatic extractions and grafting in your practice for another year. Let Dr. Ara Nazarian show you how to change your approach to these procedures to achieve your 2018 growth goals. You can do this as a GP and achieve predictable clinical results in preparation for dental implants and immediate dentures.

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