Expert Data Protection to Ensure Your Patient Information is Secure and Accessible

Because bad things can happen to great practices! Don’t let fire, theft, or other events slow you down. Subscribe to DataProtect today!

DataProtect from The Digital Dentist provides seamless practice continuity services. In the event of a catastrophic event, like fire, flood, or theft, The Digital Dentist will have you back to work in as a little as 30 minutes—not hours or days as promised by lesser services.

DataProtect backs up your critical data in regular intervals to minimize data loss and downtime should misfortune blow your way.

DataProtect encrypts your backup data, which maximizes security while providing an off-site backup in multiple vault locations for added redundancy. You’ll never swap a hard drive again!

DataProtect is powered by advanced technology that can be installed remotely. You won’t experience downtime due to installation!

The Digital Dentist Experience!
With more than 60 years of combined experience, building IT systems that prevent breaches, promote data integrity, and meet HIPAA requirements, that’s what The Digital Dentist does best. You can trust the Digital Dentist to deliver! Hundreds of doctors across the country rely on DataProtect to safeguard their most valuable asset. The Digital Dentist understands your needs.

No-Cost Technology Audit
We’ll remotely review your current data backup systems, server, and IT infrastructure and provide a complimentary “treatment plan.” There’s no obligation on your part. Call 866-204-3398 x200 for details!